Monte’s Lost Colony

Illustrated by Sean Kinsley
Illustrated by Sean Kinsley
Life is good for Monte, a very young marmot. Eat the tender grass in the human's meadow, stay away from the pink carts and flashing sticks. Lay in the sun with his friends, and best of all, listen to the stories in the evening by Methuselah, the oldest marmot in the colony. Monte's life changes when he has a nightmare after listening to a scary story by Methuselah. Monte's mother uses that as a reason to have the old story teller banished from the colony for frightening the young marmots. Later on, Monte hears that the old marmot is so sad and lonely that he probably won't live through the winter. Something has to be done! He must find a way to prove that Methuselah's stories are true. Monte leaves the colony to find the proof so Methuselah can return to the colony. He doesn't count on how dark it is at night and the many dangers, real and imagined that lurk in the dark. Will Monte find the proof he needs? More importantly, will he survive the ill advised adventure?

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