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My Community Manger is going to kill me. I was supposed to post stuff a few days ago. Anyway. So I was going to begin writing my next novel yesterday, but things didn't pan out and I think I'm going to wait until next week to start. For all those that don't know my goal is to write a novel from start to finish in the span of 6 months. That's my challenge. So if all goes well then next week I'm going to start. If you have been wanting to write a novel and want to join me in this six month challenge hit me up. The idea is to get my ass moving. Quick update. I'm still meeting with my beta readers for Wrathful Echoes, that's coming along great. Second edition of Wicked Tides is coming along as well and hope to have that done shortly. I'll let you guys know when I begin the 6 month challenge hopefully at the end of next week.

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