Friday update posting

So it's Friday and this weekend instead of having fun I have to finish up graphic design on the new Wicked Tides bookmarks and the map for the second edition print. The second edition I'm hoping will be out sooner than later, but there's always the publishing process to go though which takes time. I've also got a meeting with one of my beta readers tonight and holy crap do those take up a lot of time. It's awesome to have a Friday night full of someone telling you how much you suck. My last book signing went well and it looks like there might possibly be a book tour in California in September. I'll let you guys know about that when I find out more. I'm still in the middle of doing all of the research for my next book. This is eating up time like crazy. It's weird switching modes from a dark fantasy to a completely different genre. I haven't announced what this new book is about yet, but I'll let everyone know about it soon. I'll also have some of my radio interviews up soon for those of you that are curious about them. Learn from my mistakes! Enjoy your weekend. I know I won't..

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