Q: Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. I am an author and a illustrator.  I have illustrated for two children's books, Pick Me Pick Me and Monte's Lost Colony.  I have written two dark fantasy novels Wicked Tides and Wrathful Echoes. Q: What was your inspiration for writing the dark fantasy Wicked Tides? I was really getting sick of typical fantasy.  Whether it be movies or book everything was the same.  There was no reality in anything I was reading or seeing and I felt that created a huge disconnect to the story being presented to me.  Tired of no one cussing and the lack of extreme blood and guts portrayed in a realistic fashion just bothered me to no end. Q: What are you working on now? I am currently in the publishing process of the sequel to Wicked Tides entitled Wrathful Echoes.  The manuscript has been turned in and the beta readers are currently going through it and ripping it up.

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