Awesome Book Signing

Signed Pick Me Pick Me
Signed Pick Me Pick Me
Signing Pick Me Pick Me
Shasta Mathews picked up a copy of Wicked Tides
At Carson City Lit. Fest.
Last week we had an awesome time at the Carson City Lit. Fest. We met some wonderful people at this event. Thank you for stopping by and picked up a copy of Wicked Tides. We had good responses to the book. We will update you with more upcoming events in the coming months. We appreciate your support and hope to see everyone out to the next book signing event. Thank you!

Latest Update

So quick update on everything going on. Wrathful Echoes is in the hands of all my beta readers and I am now getting all of their conflicting opinions which is awesome. I have no idea how I am going to work all this out, so should be fun times ahead. I have a book signing this Friday at the Carson Lit Fest. Apparently it's outdoors. Never done an outdoor signing so that should be fun. I'm gearing up for my next book which I will begin writing in the next week or two. It's not the next book after Wrathful Echoes, but instead a different project. I want to see if I can write a book in 6 months. So it's a personal challenge. I'll keep you guys up to date when I start that up. I am currently in the research phase of this project but I feel as though I am just about done and ready to start writing.

Sean Kinsley’s Book Signing Event

background1 Please join Sean Kinsley for a book signings at the Great Carson City Lit Fest on June 6, 2014 from 2 pm – 7 pm. He will be signing Wicked Tides, Pick Me Pick Me and Monte's Lost Colony. So come down to meet and talk to Sean. He's gearing up for his next novel release, Wrathful Echoes, so come by and pick up Wicked Tides and get caught up. See you there! Website: Location: Mills Park HWY 50 East. Carson City, Nevada 89701

Still building the website

OK guys so I am still working on the website. Give me another week or two to have everything up and running. I will have a contact form as well so I can keep you guys up to date with new book releases and events. My social media manager now has access here as well so she will be posting a lot soon too. Anyway, just give me a week or 2 and things will be solid.
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